What is a lot in Forex? Simply definition is actually in oil, 1 Thanks to the market that the lot is equal to 1 units, one data in one unit do not forget. The barrel of oil is 72 Let. When a trade in oil takes place in the Forex market 1 The barrel can be taken from an oil. The size of a lot of oil received is 72 dollars x 1 barrels that is 72 thousand dollars. In this way, 1:1 leverage in the oil received 7.2 1 dollars from the required collateral when used From this example of leveraged trading, the investor is a full 72 dollars 7.2 1 The dollar made a profit.

How to Invest in Forex

Forex in terms of trading characteristics and the structure of the forex market. CMB to make forex market investment objective that can provide a significant advantage A licensed investment account must be created from the board. Later with the authority of the selected vehicle and from training and seminars. information about the market has great importance in terms of. So we want to invest in this market many investors, the general functioning of the market, the market behaviors, strategies and practices on the market It is important to note that this is offered free of charge by trading in real market conditions with virtual money by opening trial account on sites Try by doing and without risk you can win. Capital Markets Board of Turkey with a new regulation each investor trial account specific must open a number of transaction limits.

How Long is the Forex Trading Area?

The Forex market, which has $ 6 trillion daily transactions, makes almost 78 percent of the transactions in dollars. Since Forex, which provides transactions in general markets such as America, Europe and Asia, has the most active market in the world, 8 percent of the open position, 4 percent in less than a week, usually remains less than two days. This market, which offers significant investment opportunities in a short and long time, is a market preferred by more investors every day due to the full integration of world markets and the fact that the markets are closed rather than manipulated.

Is Forex Trusted?

This market One of the main questions in mind for investors who want to invest, how reliable the brokerage company is. International activity Unlike showing Forex brokerage firms, usually operating in Turkey brokerage houses serve many investors licensed by the CMB. Thus institutions to mediate Forex trading licenses in Turkey with technological infrastructure and transaction rules. can make very good profits.

What to Watch Most When Investing in Forex?

Forex of the selected company institution before the investment in the the license certificate. Information is always difficult to invest in the Forex market where logic is dominant to use the advantages offered by the investor and investment strategies to learn about Forex should be paid attention to pure. The company's offer free demo account service that will prepare you for the market and whether it reaches the company when faced with a problem is very much for the investor It is important.

Forex Traders Generally Who Are They?

Forex In addition to the individual individuals who generally make up the market; banks from this market, in large companies such as state banks, funds, management firms It is involved. Thanks to so much participation in the Forex market On the basis of the market dynamics, transaction flexibility and free to make