Expert It is one of the disciplines on which people insist and attach importance. All This concept, which applies to Forex markets, works diligently in the market, and as a result really forex money comes to mind. Generally known trading strategy position conditions trading points such as limit points with the same seriousness and determination for all operations The process that can be done constitutes the whole of the disciplines. Forex discipline courses It is time for every investor who is working and earnestly never loses what of course you can also earn real money from forex.

Money Management in Forex

Initially, When you get your capital as much as the capital adequacy is one of the main elements of your earnings. Long varies position open and required collateral between 2% and 5% of the total accumulated sea Recommended by. Each percentage slice that comes on top of your odds will increase your risk.

What are the Pitfalls against Forex?

In the course of rational transactions, many investors suffer emotional distress when making their decisions. Many bad reasons based on hundreds of senses such as closing the position before the investor reaches the profit of the target, intervening to the stop level by itself, opening positions based on the senses alone are caused by the emotional traps caused by the human family. A healthy investor should determine his strategy well and set strict conditions for the positions and should not intervene by setting limits and stop points at the beginning. Forex prices in the case of the position of prices in the state of concern with worry, upset, enthusiasm is extremely human behavior. However, such behaviors deviate from the strategy to the investor cause the market to drag a big mistake on its behalf that I will never forgive.

Is it Important to Follow the Agenda in Forex?

All money is an economic conjunctor that contains almost all of its units. All The parity accounts tend to move towards the current economic situation. It is in. No one can ever expect you to be an economist, However, the turmoil in oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia competition between supply and demand is impressive as it can deeply affect your situation.

How the Leverage System Works in Forex

Forex is one of the most basic features that differentiates the market from other online markets. leverage system in forex. Buyer's liquidity provided by the company up to 1 times your current investment. sizes. The smallest leverage With an investment you can do large volume jobs. For example 1 leverage ratio A company that gives you the opportunity to trade with a $ 1 investment of $ 1 It allows you to fold your money with forex trading.