MetaTrader 5 in 21 (Metatrader 4 program 5 years after the service was put into the market). New program During this period Metatrader 4 program has already become very recognizable. people in this new program due to the different (more than the other well). This is actually literally true It should not be counted. Metatrader 5 program and backward test interface same as Metatrader 4 Is designed. He spent enough time with Metatrader programs anyone can tell.

Why is the New Release Released?

Metatrader The reason why 5 is designed Metatrader 4 can not make some innovations to life It is to spend. Metatrader 5 , actually it is manufactured for use in other types of markets. That's why Meta Trader 4 Meta Trader 5 programs with each other and compare each other it is irrelevant.

Knowing About Meta Trader 5 Required Information

Metatrader 5, such as markets (stocks and commodities) other than forex market transactions a program developed for operations according to the needs of instruments and it has the ability to connect to all kinds of centrally managed markets. Apparently MetaQuotes company individual investors' interest in investment instruments such as stocks and commodities. predicted that the explosion will occur and the company's program according to him developed.

Another important factor is the “ hedging > ban imposed by the United States. It should be noted that Forex Companies operating in the US must comply with the F.I.F.O (First in First Out) rule, ie the first opener is closed first. What this rule says is that, for example, if the investor first opens a lot of Euro / US dollar long position and then adds it to this position, then the first opened position must be disposed of during the closing process. The Meta Trader 4 program records each transaction separately. What Meta Trader 5 does is to put the positions together into a total state.

In Meta Trader Transactions Details

As an example With the Meta Trader 4 program, 1 lot EUR / USD has been purchased for four times and 1 lot twice. EUR / USD is sold. Each position is opened separately and there are six open positions in total. 4 long 1 lot EUR / USD and two long 1 lot short EUR / USD position takes place.

Meta Trader At 5, there will be 1 long 2 lot EUR / USD position. (+4 lots EUR / USD) + (- 2 lot EUR / USD) = + 2 lot EUR / USD In addition, many companies serving Meta Trader 4 cannot or does not offer futures to its users quality is low. In short, Metatrader 5 is forex markets other markets and requirements of the United States markets designed to meet. Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 This is the true story of the programs.

However, MetaTrader 5 first developed for the US markets MT5 platform world Hedge, as in MT4. Since 216 is available. In this way, the introduction to the world Is made.

In 217 MetaQuotes company now renewed for MT4 platform and will only focus on MT5 programs from now on. Meta Trader 5

Which Platform to Choose?

If the US If you want to deal with the regulation that If you are spending important time or Metatrader 4 to reach the stock and commodity markets that are difficult to access If you want, then Metatrader 5 is the right choice.

this There is no reason why you should not continue with Metatrader 4. After all, Metatrader 4 is still the most popular, most preferred and most The platform is successful. Both Metatrader 5 and web-based programs