On the Stock Exchange There is more than one software used. Speculative investors in foreign exchange markets The electronic trading platform used by is called Meta Trader 4. Meta Trader 4 is software. This software is developed by MetaQuotes. developed. The software was released in 25. Speculators are called speculative. Considering expectations an effort to gain is called speculation.

Meta Trader 4 Software Parts What?

Meta Trader The sections of the 4 software are divided into 4 main groups. These

1) Meta Trader 4 market observation screen section

2) Meta Trader 4 graphical display section

3) Meta Trader 4 terminal screen section

4) Meta Trader 4 navigator screen section

1) Meta Trader 4 Market Observation Screen Department

Meta Trader 4 market observation screen section, the list of traded investment instruments is shown. In this section, the instant purchase of investment instruments It is possible to see the selling prices and make trading. Concerned In the section, the pair on the investment instrument parity to be traded When clicked, the order window of the trading instrument parity opens.

2) Meta Trader 4 Chart Screen Section

Meta Trader 4 graphical display sections, easy to analyze with the help of graphs is the section that allows. Clicking on the right side of that section time, it is possible to see the graphs of the investment instrument to be traded It happens.

3) Meta Trader 4 Terminal Screen Department

Meta Trader 4 terminal screen sections, more than one detail about the operations is a section that allows you to follow. Through this section, it is possible to monitor the profit and loss of open transactions. Same time, to follow all details about past transactions and forwarded to institutions it is possible to track electronic mail.

4) Meta Trader 4 Navigator Screen Department

Meta Trader 4 navigator screen sections when analyzing operations technical indicators used. Through this section, It is possible to move the analyzed technical indicators to the graphical screen. Also, thanks to this section it is possible to change the technical indicators to the desired level It happens.

Meta Trader 4 Software What are the Technical Indicators?

Meta Trader 4 Technical Indicators in Software are separated. These

1) Moving averages

2) Bollinger bands

3) Standard deviation

4) Parabolic SAR

1) Moving Averages

to investors, the type of technical indicator that guides where prices go called moving averages. Moving averages, simple in itself moving averages, exponential moving averages, weighted moving and hull moving averages.

2) Bollinger Bands

Average price variation and standard deviation values The indicator type is called bollinger bands. Bollinger bands, investment more efficient purchase and sale of commercial vehicles

3) Standard Deviation

All data Mathematical technical indicator used to summarize values type is called standard deviation.

4) Parabolic SAR

Share used in the technical analysis of investment instruments such as bonds, bonds and bills. The type of technical indicator is called Parabolic SAR.

Meta Trader 4 Software Features What?

Meta Trader The 4 software features are divided into 3 main groups. These

1) Meta Trader 4 software, simple and convenient interface

2) This software is the most is a very preferred software.

3) self subject software, can perform multiple transactions with the help of different technical analysis